What is a Landing Page?

Simply put a landing page is just a page with the purpose. There’re many different ways of generating a landing page but my favorite turns out to be just adding an additional custom post type to your website. Using word press and a few plug-ins makes generating these landing pages a breeze.

Plugins I use to make great landing pages:

Word press is organized into different content types. For example, you have the pages content type. Also, you have the posts content type. While you can use either of these content types for your landing pages, my preference is to create a new content type called… get this… a landing page. This can be accomplished in several different ways but… I’ve made it easy and put together a very simple plug-in to do just that: FunnelPress Landing Pages!

Landing Pages in WordPress? Check…
On to the PageBuilder!

After activating the plugin, it adds a new menu item called a Landing Page, but before we can start using Elementor, we have to tell Elementor that we want to use its drag and drop builder on our landing pages. 

Head over to your Admin Menu > Elementor Settings > Post Types > Landing Pages. Save your changes and now we can start building our landing pages like a pro!!

Make a new page! ~Finally 😉 ~

Great, head over to the Landing Pages menu and click Add Landing Page. That will take you to the WordPress editor. Make a title for your landing page and click the big button that says:

Edit With Elementor. 

As a note: Because I use elementor for all of my page building needs… I don’t like the gutenberg editor that comes default with wordpress now. I am hiding it with the great disable-gutenberg plugin. But it’s not actually required. 

Now you can build out your landing pages with ease! In the next Post I’m talking about what makes a good landing page and how to hook that into your CRM. (Customer Relationship Management) tool. 

If you enjoyed this piece why not leave me a comment letting me know! If you have questions or ideas for what you want to see next, reach out and we will make it happen.

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