Digital Toolbox? What's that...?

The idea came to me when I attended my last mentoring appointment. After discussing the issue at hand my business coach went over to his computer, pulled up a worksheet, attached it to an email and said “This should help” he talked about the tool and prescribed I fill it out and work on it for 30 days. He had handed me a tool (and it worked) but the delivery felt a little clunky, and I knew as a digital marketer I could setup a marketing automation that would make that process so much better.

It seems so simple but I was sure that I was on to something. Contractors have toolboxes for all of their various construction tools, as a mentor or a coach you also have various tools that you used to help people overcome the challenges and get results faster. In my experience there’s been a lot of repetition, you say the same things over and over to different people. In some ways that’s where people feel like they’re receiving value. But what if there was a way that you could take the things that you repeat the most often and turn those into content that you could share in advance and then you could get even further with them when in person?

That was the idea, make a digital toolbox where are all of my digital tools go for coaching businesses on their marketing.

There are 3 parts to the digital toolbox:

  1. The landing page. You need somewhere people will be able to visit when you give them the marketing tool. Depending on your content style, perhaps it’s hidden, or even protected so that the content you are offering is controlled. As I already have a WordPress blog, adding hidden landing pages seems the easiest, and the most frugal.
  2. The CRM. or customer relationship management tool. Ideally if it had an app where you could tag someone and they would then be added to a sequence of emails where they can consume your tools content.
  3. The content. This turns out to be the biggest hurdle for people. Creating content takes time, effort, and just a little know how. When you have the framework setup though, It only takes a little time to add the next tool to the toolbox. Most likely if you have been coaching or mentoring, you already have the tools ready to go.

When is this applicable?

As a business owner, I come across many opportunities to share the things that I am learning with others who are also building their businesses. Even if you are not actively a mentor, you will bring the value when you can hand out crunchy how-to’s or tactics for people to try. If they are not part of your email list yet, you can add them and they will love getting new emails from you. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my tips and tricks to make building your digital toolbox easy and profitable. Subscribe to get a notification when I post new content!

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